Our Executive Team

Henok Yemanebirhan

Founder & Leader

Henok Yemanebirhan is a senior Horticulturalist and trustworthy Business man. He holds professional MSc in Horticulture from Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. Henok’s career journey has been marked by excellence and versatility. He commenced his professional path as an Instructor at Nedjo TEVT College, where he shared his horticultural knowledge for a year. Subsequently, he embarked on a fruitful five-year tenure as a researcher in the Horticulture Department of the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC). During his stay in JARC, Henok conducted research in various areas, with a focus on root crops, fruits, and vegetables, resulting in the publication of several research findings.  In addition to his academic and research endeavors, Henok ventured into entrepreneurship. He established his own vegetable farm and successfully managed animal products shops. Not content with just one venture, he also launched a liquid soap processing factory. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish and oversee a thriving café and restaurant. Furthermore, Henok’s contributions extended to the construction industry, where he founded BHB Construction PLC, specializing in prefabricated houses and making significant contributions to the sector. Currently, Henok has returned to his initial profession and took a lead to establish Agri-curve Ethiopia PLC. He now serves as the manager of this organization, where he continues to excel in realizing planned activities. Henok’s achievements are not only characterized by his individual accomplishments but also by his remarkable lobbying capacity with different stakeholders and collaborators. He possesses excellent teamwork skills within his working teams and in collaboration with government and private institutions. His proficiency in the Amharic and English languages further enhances his ability to communicate and engage effectively in diverse settings.

Prof Weyessa Garedew

Prof Weyessa Garedew is a senior lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the area of agriculture. He obtained his BSc degree in Plant Sciences from the then Alemaya University of Agriculture (now Haramaya University) in 2000. He holds his PhD and MSc in Horticulture from Jimma University and Debub University (now Hawassa University) in 2017 and 2006 respectively. He started his carrier as junior researcher at Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) where he served as researcher, department head and national root and tuber crop coordinator. H was involved as co-investigator in the release of different varieties of banana and root and tuber crops in the national research system. Later he moved to academic institute, Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and served as lecturer and researcher. He has been involved in teaching various courses (Research methodology, scientific writing, design and analysis of agricultural experiments, coffee production and management, fruit crops production and management, non-timber forest production and management) both for undergraduate and postgraduate students at different universities in Ethiopia. He has developed and launched different MSc and PhD programs at Jimma University. He has supervised over 70 MSc and 15 PhD students at different university in Ethiopia. He has also published more than 70 research articles in reputable journals and over 10 proceeding and technical papers. He actively involved in many research projects including Climate Change Impact on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in East Africa (CHIESA) and Adaptation for Ecosystem Resilience in Africa (AFERIA). He has been also involved in community services project and consultancy work. He was involved in different leadership role at Jimma University College of agriculture and veterinary medicine: Agricultural school head, student service and registrar office coordinator, and vice dean. Currently working as project team member on the paradoxes of climate‐smart coffee (PACSMAC) project, funded by DANIDA fellowships (2021-2025). He has good statistical analysis skill of different software (SAS, R, SPSS, GenStat, and others) and provided different capacity building training for agricultural experts, university students and staffs of different institutes. Prof Weyessa has good language skill of Afaan Oromo, Amharic and English.

Mr Ashenafi Ayano Fole

Senior Researcher and Consultant
Executive committee of Ethiopian coffee science society

Ashenafi Ayano is a Senior Agricultural researcher and coffee cupper. He is a PhD scholar, holds MSc degree in Horticulture at Jimma University. He was founder and senior managing director’s for EAC Training Consultancy and Research. Ashenafi is an ex-Director of Jimma Agricultural Research center. He has more than 35 years of experience in crop research (Germplasm collection, variety development, Biodiversity conservation, coffee agronomy, coffee quality assessment, coffee bio-technology). He has long experience in offering training of Coffee in difference disciplines (like forest conservation, coffee variety utilization, coffee husbandry, coffee production site selection, and coffee quality management at national and international level. He took leading role in developing training manual at national level. He also involved in farming system analysis’s survey work of different objectives which enables him to know the production system of all parts of the country. He also played major role in development of fifteen years national coffee research strategy and coffee sector development strategy.  He has also experienced in joint project development, and to work with NGO’s, private/commercial coffee growers. He has a very good technical and administrative team leading role, and has very good team work skill. He published number of publications as first author and collaborating authors in national and international journals and proceedings. He has good language skill of Amharic, Oromiffa and English. Also have good computer skill.

Kifle Belachew Bekele (PhD)

Senior Researcher and Consultant
Secretary of Ethiopian coffee science society

Dr. Kifle Belachew Bekele, was Senior Researcher and independent consultant. He was founding member and senior advisor for Agricultural Research and Training. He was ex-director of Bonga Agricultural Research Center and executive member and secretary of Ethiopian Coffee Science Society. He was Graduate of Jimma University in BSc, MSc and PhD. Currently he is independent senior agricultural researcher, consultant and lecturer at different agricultural universities and working at different agricultural projects in collaboration with NGOs and GOs. He worked on coffee and related crops research for more than fifteen years. He has published 25 scientific articles in his areas of expertise at international and national peer reviewed journals. Moreover, he published number of agricultural technologies and production manuals. He was participant and presenter for more than 35 international and national conferences, symposiums and workshopes. He is member and active participant of International Coffee Association (ASIC), Inter African Coffee Research Network (ACRN) and Asian Coffee Association. Dr Kifle has very good language skill of Amharic, Kafinoono and English. He has very good computer and digital data management skill. He was married and has two sons and one daughter.

Shimeles Tilahun (PhD)

Senior Researcher

Dr. Shimeles Tilahun is a dynamic and dedicated researcher specializing in the field of Horticulture. He holds a PhD in Horticulture and Bio-systems Engineering from Kangwon National University, South Korea. Additionally, he obtained his MSc and BSc degrees in Horticulture from Haramaya and Jimma Universities, respectively.
For the past five years, Dr. Shimeles has served as a senior researcher at the Agriculture and Life Science Research Institute of Kangwon National University in South Korea. His research interests span a broad range of topics within the realm of agriculture and nutrition. His innovative research has been recognized globally, with over 40 articles published in reputable scientific journals and presentations delivered at international conferences. Prior to his current role, He served as an Assistant Professor of Horticulture at Jimma University. Before that, he worked as an on-farm training instructor at the Ethiopian Horticulture Association, where he played a pivotal role in imparting knowledge and practical skills to the growers. His strong ties with the Ethiopian horticulture industry have allowed him to contribute directly and held various positions, including farm manager, production manager, and consultant for the floriculture sector.
Beyond his professional achievements, he possesses good language skills in Amharic, Oromiffa, English, and Korean, which effortlessly bridges cultural and linguistic barriers, fostering effective communication and collaboration within diverse teams and communities.

Amsalu Nebiyu (PhD)

Senior Researcher

Amsalu Nebiyu obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Biology (Cropping Systems Agronomy) from the University of Ghent, Belgium while his MSc and BSc were in Horticulture and Plant Science from Alemaya University, Ethiopia.

Amsalu has a profound and considerable agricultural research & development experience, including experience with on-farm and on-station agronomic research; technical leadership and project coordination. He has moreover a deep expert knowledge of Agronomic production systems (field crops, horticultural crops), soil fertility and nutrients management. He is very well versed with designing and coordinating high-quality agronomic and soil fertility research trials to study fertilizer use efficiency and cropping system productivity. Besides, He is very well qualified in developing training curricula and delivery in agronomy and soil fertility for subject matter specialists.

Amsalu has over 25 years of experience (9 years post PhD) in agricultural research, development, education in Ethiopia and beyond. On top of that, Amsalu has proven experience in implementing, monitoring, coordinating and executing participatory action research and development projects in collaboration with partners and stakeholders at different levels. Moreover, Amsalu is involved in consultancy and advisory services to key stakeholders and development partners via developing and delivering short-term training sessions (on job training) for development and subject matter experts (e.g., offering customized trainings on Integrated Soil fertility and nutrient management in smallholder farming systems). Since 2016, he is offering customized and short-term trainings to development workers, subject matter specialists and NGOs engaged in Agronomy and soil fertility. I am also offering customized training on management of acid soils to subject matter specialist and farmers.

Moreover, Amsalu has strong ability to work in multi-cultural environments and in multi-disciplinary teams; has strong partnerships with stakeholders (including national and international research and development partners) that eventually helped him improve his research coordination, management and reporting skills. He has strong analytical skills with knowledge of the standard statistical software packages in Agriculture as well as a solid record of high-quality scientific publications.

Currently, Amsalu is conducting research, training and development on Sustainable intensification of cropping systems in Ethiopia and beyond via legume-cereal integration in collaboration with national international partners; investigates the potential role of organic resources and organic wastes (e.g., biochar derived from organic resources such coffee husk) as soil amendment in acid soils; tests ISFM technologies on smallholder cropping systems to assess system productivity; investigates agronomic Bio-stimulation to enhance micronutrients (Fe, Ze and Se) content of crops.

Dr. Haimanot Mitiku

Senior Researcher

Dr. Haimanot Mitiku is a senior researcher specializing in the field of Horticulture and Food science. He obtained BSc degree in Crop and Horticultural Science from Mekelle University and MSc degree in Post-Harvest Management from Jimma University. He holds Ph.D. degree in Food Science from Hannam University, Daejeon , South Korea. He was ex-director of Tepi National spices Research Center and served more than 10 years in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) as senior researcher. Currently he has published more than 20 scientific papers in national and reputable international Journals. His current specialization focuses on biomedical food components (BFC) in which he involves in extracting the active ingredients of medicinal plants and Horticultural crops to develop anti-diabetic drugs with no or less side effects. Previously, He has involved in releasing high yielding and disease resistant spice varieties and participated in development of a number of production manuals and working strategies. He was a winner of Ethiopian Science and Technology award by developing problem solving turmeric technologies with his colleagues. He has good international skills working in collaborative projects with International trade center (ITC) and Indian Spices Crops Research Institute (ISCRI). He was also a board member of Mizan-Tepi University (MTU) and He played a crucial role in establishing fair and transparent president, vice president and academic official selection by leading the very first selection committee. He was also a member of Horticultural, Crops Science societies. Dr. Haimanot has good skills in Amharic, English and Korean languages.

Mr. Demelash Teferi

Senior Researcher and Consultant

Demelash Teferi was a Senior coffee researcher at JARC currently working in various coffee farm as consultant and senior expert in South Western Ethiopia. Demelash  has more than 35 years of experience in coffee research (Crop protection, germplasm collection, variety development and  coffee bio-technology) and training in Coffee on coffee variety utilization, coffee husbandry, coffee production site selection, and coffee quality management to federal , zonal and woreda sector/subject matter specialists and agricultural extensionists including production of training manuals. Beyond conducting training for subject matter specialist in different coffee growing areas of the country he took leading role in developing training manual on coffee variety utilization and coffee quality maintenance. He also involved in survey work of different objectives such as: National Coffee  disease Survey( CWD and BBC), coffee Production survey in South west Ethiopia (Jimma, Kafa and Sidama Zone), Coffee and coffee forest production, constraint assessment around Gurage zone, SNNPR are among others. He also took a lead in preparing national coffee production and coffee quality management training manual in (Amharic version) which has been under distribution by Coffee and Tea Authority.He has also experiences in joint project development, EU Café Project, EU Yayo Desira Project and Large scale coffee Demonstration project which was submitted to EIAR. Demelash  also provides individual advisory services private/commercial coffee growers on coffee management practices. He has a very good technical and administrative team leading role.  More importantly he was involved in leader ship of National coffee and Tea Research Program Coordinator, Agriculture growth program and EU Café Research Component coordinator. In addition he also participated and took integral part in development of fifteen years national coffee research strategy at national research institute level. On top of this he took part in the development of national comprehensive coffee sector development strategy coordinated by coffee and tea authority. He also participated in African Coffee Histories platform to share Ethiopian coffee production and consumption experience and discuss questions related to sustainable coffee production (At Glasgow University/ Scotland and Uganda).  He published 17 Journals, 23 proceedings and many research progress reports in national and international journals and proceedings. He has good language skill of Amharic, Oromiffa and English in speaking, reading and writing. And also have good computer skill. 

Anteneh Tesfaye

Senior Horticulturalist

Anteneh Tesfaye is a senior horticulturalist with long and reputable experiences. He earned professional Degree, in the field of agriculture and also in general management from Ambo University and Alpha University respectively. He has more than 25 years’ services in different organizations in his field at various level of responsibilities. He was a Managing director in: Micbenzer Trading Plc. for three years. He also served as a General manager of TK Agro-Industry for two years. He was also project leader at United F. Bio-Farm (UFB Farm) for three years. On the other hand, he served as a Farm manager at Bukito Agro Industry and ZK Flowers plc for four years. At Metrolux Flowers and Golden rose agro-farm he served as Production Manager for eight years. On top of these, he served as a Project and Export Manager at Whitefield Cotton Farm for two years. Through these long years’ services, he has been designing the business vision and commercial strategies of firms that he served. He showed high performances in realization of planned activities. He has a very good lobbying capacity with different stakeholders and collaborators. He has a good team work capabilities with his working team and to work with collaborating farmers. He has proficiency in speaking and writing Amharic and English languages.

Gezahegn Teshale

Finance Manager

Mr. Gezahegn Teshale is an individual who firmly embraces and embodies the principles of abundance in the universe, actively promoting an open mindset and boundless enthusiasm. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Saint Merry University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting from Jimma University. Additionally, he has received numerous certificates of recognition for his voluntary contributions and duties. Furthermore, Mr. Gezahegn Teshale has proactively pursued ongoing training and education in accounting and finance, consistently enhancing his expertise. With a career spanning since April 2006, he has held various pivotal roles in the field of accountancy, steadily climbing the professional ladder from Accountant to Senior Accountant, and eventually, to Finance Manager and Administration and Finance Manager, accumulating a wealth of experience over the past 16 years. Currently, Mr. Gezahegn Teshale serves as the Finance Manager at Agri-curve Ethiopia Plc, where he leverages his extensive expertise to drive financial success for the organization. Beyond his professional achievements, he possesses good language skills in Amharic and English.