Our Advisory Members

Dr. Tifsehit Solomon

Associate professor

Dr. Tifsehit Solomon is an associate professor of Entomology at Wollega University, Ethiopia. She earned a PhD in Entomology from Addis Ababa University, an MSc in Horticulture from Hawassa University, and a BSc in Dryland Crop Science from Mekelle University. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching, research, development, leadership, and management at Wollega University where she has served in various University level leadership capacities such as Vice President for Community Engagement and University-Industry Partnership, Director for Academic Programs, and Head of Department of Plant Science. She is a ‘One Planet Laureate’ which is a three-year career development program and takes place in Africa and Europe. She had the opportunity to be a visiting researcher at Kangwon National University, South Korea, where she participated in different research activities with a team of scientists and published articles. Besides, she has excellent communication skills and teamwork ability.